Chairperson of the Legislative Committee Ms Marta Šćepanović and member of the Committee Ms Jovanka Laličić today met Mr Timo Ligi and Mr Valér Jobbágy, members of SIGMA delegation, which is paying an expert visit.

The Committee started consideration of two proposals for laws

Wednesday, 05 April 2017 13:02

Legislative Committee holds its 12th Meeting

At the 12th Meeting that was held today, Legislative Committee examined allegations contained in constitutional complaints and their supplements, submitted to the Constitutional Court of Montenegro by Milan Knežević and Andrija Mandić. After discussion, the Committee determined opinions with the proposal for the response to the Constitutional Court of Montenegro.

Four proposals for laws considered

Legislative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro, at the Tenth Meeting that was held today, considered and expressed positive position on the amendments to the Proposal for the Law on Amendments to the Law on Public Sector Salaries, namely two amendments submitted by MPs Branko Čavor and Halil Duković, and the amendment submitted by the MP Genci Nimanbegu.

Several proposals for laws considered

Three Proposals for Laws considered

At today’s Seventh Meeting, the Legislative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro considered and voted in favour of the Proposal for a decision on accepting the Annex 1 of the Joint-stock agreement between the State of Montenegro and the A2A S.p.A.

Several proposals for laws considered, and 2016 Performance Report and 2017 Work Plan of the Committee adopted

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