Thursday, 11 October 2018 12:14

Delegation of the Constitutional Committee takes part in the interparliamentary meeting in Brussels

Stronger in the leadership and vision of the European Union

Delegation of the Constitutional Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro, headed by Chairperson of the Committee Mr Miodrag Vuković and member Mr Danijel Živković, took part in the interparliamentary meeting devoted to state of the debate on the future of Europe, organised by the European Parliament's Committee on Constitutional Affairs.
Members of national parliaments discussed, together with representatives of European institutions and experts, on the European future in institutional and political terms, in the light of the increasingly visible need for reforms in the Union, and also in view of the forthcoming elections for the European Parliament in 2019.  
Taking part in the debate, Chairperson of the Constitutional Committee Mr Miodrag Vuković spoke about Montenegro as a candidate country for the EU, as well as on the need for preserving the united Europe as a collective and individual chance for future. The Chairperson of the Constitutional Committee expressed pleasure with the messages that Montenegro was a positive example and a leader in European integration. In his presentation, Mr Vuković reflected on the recent address by Montenegrin President Mr Milo Đukanović at the EP’s session in Strasbourg, as well as on open messages of support to Montenegro, which were sent by President of the highest representative body of the Union Mr Antonio Tajani, saying that for the EU Montenegro was the point of support in the WB and a European country in terms of culture, tradition and political attitudes.
Members of national parliaments, together with the MEPs, agreed on the need to maintain a unified Europe project and a stronger leadership and vision of the Union, with a common reflection on the concept of internal reforms.
European Union parliamentarians welcomed and stressed the importance of the presence of representatives of candidate countries - Montenegro, Albania, and Turkey at the meetings on the EU future, which confirms the further need for integration and the necessity for preserving the Union as a community based on common European and democratic values.