Friday, 10 May 2019 16:29

Ms Aleksandra Vuković MP takes part in the conference on youth

What can politics and society do for youth in Montenegro?

Upon the invitation of the Centre for Civic Education, member of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports Ms Aleksandra Vuković took part in the conference “What can politics and society do for youth in Montenegro?”, organised by the Centre for Civic Education in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

The conference was aimed at presenting and discussing the most interesting findings from the Youth Study in Montenegro 2018/2019.  The Youth Study in Montenegro 2018/2019 represents a part of the broader international research project Youth Study Southeast Europe 2018/2019, initiated and supported by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

During the introductory part, Head of the FES office in Belgrade Mr Max Brändle and Executive Director of the Centre for Civic Education Ms Daliborka Uljarević presented a research project of the Youth Study in the SEE states, simultaneously conducted in 10 SEE states. The project is aimed at identifying and analysing young peoples’ positions in modern societies regarding different areas such as: education, employment, political participation, family ties and free time.

Ms Aleksandra Vuković, MP, spoke about significance of the topic, i.e. the primary issue what, actually, politics and society can do for youth in Montenegro, with a specific proposal for conducting more comprehensive research on the topic of corruption and nepotism in the education and employment system, and determining whether the presented results are a question of perception, or demonstrate real situation within the institutions of the system. Also, she opined that it is important to change attitude and pose a question - in which manner youth should involve in political parties, giving a positive example of young parliamentarians’ participation in the Parliament of Montenegro, which has brought crucial changes in political system.  Finally, she concluded that the system should create strong institutions and secure the rule of law, and youth, at today’s conference, have shown faith, optimism and hope that they can influence on strengthening social and economic position in Montenegro.