Thursday, 25 June 2020 12:44

Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration holds its 105th Meeting

Amendments (8) to the Proposal for the Law on Amnesty of Persons Convicted of Criminal Offences Prescribed by Montenegrin Legislation and Persons Convicted by Foreign Criminal Judgements Executed in Montenegro considered

At today’s meeting, the Committee has considered and unanimously supported an amendment by Mr Ivan Brajović, Mr Genci Nimanbegu, Mr Adrijan Vuksanović and Mr Boris Mugoša.

Two amendments by Mr Nebojša Medojević and Ms Milan Knežević, MPs, and one amendment by Ms Branka Bošnjak, MP, were not supported by the Committee.

Mr Milan Knežević, MP, has withdrawn an amendment that he submitted together with Mr Nebojša Medojević and Ms Danijela Pavićević, MPs.

The Committee did not consider amendments (3) by Mr Goran Danilović and Mr Goran Radonjić, MPs, due to the absence of proposers.