Saturday, 15 June 2019 11:45

A delegation of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants holds a meeting with emigrants in Istanbul

During their official visit to the Republic of Turkey, the delegation of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants headed by the Committee’s Chairperson Mr Andrija Nikolić held a meeting with the emigrants gathered around the "Karadağ - Montenegro” Association.

Greeting the attendees, the Committee’s Chairperson Nikolić pointed out that the renewed independence was the best joint story of Montenegro and its emigrants, noting that it was precisely the representatives of diaspora who had built themselves into the foundations of Montenegrin independence and contributed to the long-term well-being of our country and generations to come.

President of the "Karadağ - Montenegro" Association Mr Mustafa Deniz informed the guests about the most significant aspects and goals of this organisation and presented its future activities. During the meeting, representatives of emigrants especially voiced interest in the procedures of issuing and the very significance of the emigrant card.

Member of the Committee’s delegation Mr Dragutin Papović presented to the representatives of emigrants the opportunities offered by the new Law on Cooperation of Montenegro with Diaspora - Emigrants, pointing out that a broad spectrum of opportunities was created that the state Montenegro used to show its dedication to establishing closer relations with its diaspora.

Mr Ervin Ibrahimović, MP, pointed out that the participants in the meeting were characterised and united by their love towards Montenegro and their hometowns. This characteristic should be a lodestar to lead to unity within the emigrant community, emphasising that political or any other kind of disagreement must not affect the common goal, concluded Mr Ibrahimović.

The delegation also held a meeting with the Honorary Consul of Montenegro to Istanbul Mr Suver Akan. On that occasion, the Committee’s Chairperson Nikolić thanked him for the contribution to promoting Montenegro in the Republic of Turkey and stimulating investment activities of the Turkish investors.

Mr Nikolić also voiced the Committee’s openness to participate, within the scope of its responsibilities, in the future activities of the Honorary Consulate.