Monday, 08 October 2018 15:53

Chairperson of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants meets German Ambassador

The EU needs Montenegro if we want stable Balkans, newly-appointed Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Montenegro Mr Robert Heinrich Weber said at the meeting with Chairperson of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants Mr Andrija Nikolić.

The German Ambassador stressed that consolidation of the EU should be carried out simultaneously with the Brussels’ negotiations with Montenegro, and that internal reforms in the Union should not reduce the dynamics of candidates’ accession.

Mr Weber stressed that President of Montenegro Mr Milo Đukanović had given a strong contribution by his speech to the stability of the Balkans, demonstrating a clear vision of Montenegro’s future progress. The German Ambassador pointed out that Berlin was recognising the strong political will of Montenegro to join the EU and underlined that Germany, as a friendly state, would always point out not only to the positive steps, but also to the shortcomings, with the readiness to eliminate them through joint efforts.

Chairperson of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants Mr Andrija Nikolić assessed that the EU has been the best framework for modernising and emancipation of all our policies, therefore Montenegro, together with the Federal Republic of Germany and other partners, would work on finding the response to the demanding challenges of the final phase of the accession process.

They expressed mutual interest in establishing parliamentary cooperation at the level of working bodies of the two parliaments, especially in the areas of foreign affairs and European integration. In addition to exchange of experience and good parliamentary practise, this would also give an opportunity to Montenegrin parliamentarians to inform directly their German counterparts about developments in Montenegro, so that members of the Bundestag could explain more explicitly to their citizens why Montenegro should be an EU member.  

Mr Nikolić wished success to newly-appointed Ambassador Weber, convinced that the cooperation of the Parliament and the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants and the German Embassy would be intensive and fruitful.

The meeting also discussed concreate projects, for which the German side showed willingness to provide support.