Monday, 24 June 2019 15:46

MP Martinović at the promotion of the INSPIRE strategy

Member of the Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms Mr Momčilo Martinović today attended an event where the INSPIRE strategy was promoted in Montenegro, in the organisation of the Centre for the Rights of the Child of Montenegro.

The INSPIRE strategy is a technical package intended for all entities in the public, private and civil sector at the national and local level, who are dealing with the prevention of violence against children and adolescents. It is a set of seven strategies selected based on the best available evidence and with the greatest potential to reduce violence against children.

The following delivered introductory remarks in this event: Ms Jelena Gluščević, representative of the Centre for the Rights of the Child of Montenegro; Ms Rajka Perović, Director of the Centre for the Rights of the Child of Montenegro; Mr Dragan Pejanović, State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior; Ms Snežana Mijušković, Deputy of the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro; Ms Milena Karišik, representative of the Child Protection Hub Associate, and  Ms Sofija Kirsanov, member of the local Children’s Parliament from Podgorice.

The INSPIRE package includes seven strategies relating to the following:  implementation and enforcement of laws, norms and values, safe environments, parent and caregiver support, income and economic strengthening, response and support services, education and life skills. In addition to this, INSPIRE includes two cross-sectoral activities that together help connect and strengthen and assess progress towards the implementation of the seven strategies.  Each of the strategies has defined aims and expected outcomes.

It was concluded at the event that the seven strategies and cross-sectoral activities that make up the INSPIRE strategy represent the best manner to accelerate the progress in the prevention of violence against children.