The visit is a part of activities of the Committee aimed at promoting the European integration process and informing the public about EU accession


The interlocutors expressed readiness for strengthening cooperation between the parliaments of Montenegro and Slovakia

Thursday, 20 April 2017 08:54

Meeting Mr Vuksanović – Mr Hloben

Small Blue Room, 20 April, 12:00

European integration process promoted and the improvement of possibilities for the efficient use of EU funds discussed


The Twelfth quarterly report on overall activities within the process of Montenegro’s integration in the European Union, for the period October - December 2016 was adopted and several documents from the field of European integration were considered

Members of the Committee on European Integration will hold a forum for discussion with students of the Grammar School “30 September” and a meeting with representatives of local self-government of the Municipality of Rožaje

The Fifth and the Sixth semi-annual report on the overall activities within the integration process of Montenegro to the European Union for 2016 were adopted

Representatives of the Union presented the work of their organisation

Small Blue Room of the Parliament of Montenegro, 7 April at 10:00h

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