The issue of the environment is the issue of all citizens of Montenegro

Members of the Committee adopted the 2017 Performance Report of the Committee and discussed the activities of the Committee for the upcoming year

Sofia, 21 and 22 January

Members of the Committee gave a positive opinion on the Information note on the current state of affairs in fulfilling benchmarks within the negotiation process.

At the meeting, they pointed out excellent bilateral relations, which would also be made concrete through the stronger cooperation of parliamentary committees in charge of the EU affairs 

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 10:44

Meeting Mr Vuksanović – Mr Nagy

Red Room, 20 December at 9h

Representatives of the relevant institutions presented progress in meeting obligations within the process of Montenegro's accession to the European Union

Representatives of the legislative and executive powers supported the European path of Montenegro and emphasised commitment to the advancement of candidate countries in accordance with the achieved results

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