Wednesday, 10 May 2017 16:02

Delegation of the Committee on European Integration visits the municipality of Tivat

During their visit to “Mladost” Secondary School and the municipality of Tivat, MPs spoke on accession process and capacities for using EU pre-accession funds

Chairperson of the Committee on European Integration Mr Adrijan Vuksanović and members Ms Daliborka Pejović and Mr Mihailo Anđušić have visited the municipality of Tivat today, and held a meeting with President of the Municipality of Tivat Ms Snežana Matijević.

A public debate was organised in “Mladost” Secondary School with students who attend the subject “European Integration” on the topic of European Union’s values and process of Montenegro’s accession to the EU. In his address to the students, Chairperson Vuksanović stressed that the essence of Montenegro’s membership of the EU lied in its basic values, primarily peace, tolerance and cooperation. MP Anđušić added that after joining the EU, much larger funds for the implementation of projects and the improvement of living conditions would be available to Montenegro, while MP Pejović concluded that the greatest asset of young people was their knowledge, which would be useful for them at the labour market and enable them to use all the advantages offered by the European Union.

During the debate, the students showed interest in the impact of United Kingdom’s exit on the future of the EU, the security of the EU due to frequent terrorist threats, the impact of EU membership on Montenegro's tourism industry, as well as what benefits and advantages young people would feel in their further education and professional training when Montenegro joins the EU. The event was specially marked by a debate organised by the students, who exchanged interesting and mature attitudes and opinions on the topic of the advantages and disadvantages of the EU membership in relation to the field of education.

After the debate, the Committee delegation spoke with President of the Municipality of Tivat Ms Snežana Matijević and her associates, on how successfully the municipality used the pre-accession funds. Various projects which have been carried out so far were presented to MPs, such as the project of cross-border cooperation with Croatia "SUD-SIT", by which a station for renting electric bicycles was installed in Tivat. Representatives of the municipality pointed out that the successful implementation of projects at the local level needed a proper urban and planning documentation, institutionalized teams for writing and implementation of projects, financial stability and cooperation with NGOs. MPs and the representatives of the municipality agreed on the importance of further communication, in order to create a state fund to help municipalities in the pre-financing of projects.