Friday, 11 October 2019 20:24

Delegation of the Committee on European Integration visits the Salina

Meetings were held with the leadership of the Municipality of Ulcinj and representatives of NGOs on the topics of managing Ulcinj Salina and biodiversity of the Salina area.

As part of activities devoted to key challenges under the negotiation chapter 27 - Environment and Climate Change, a delegation of the Committee on European Integration organised a series of visits to municipalities and specific sites of particular importance for the protection of the environment in Montenegro and for the pre-accession process with the EU.

Members of the Committee began their environmental monitoring activities by visiting the Ulcinj Salina Nature Park. On this occasion, they spoke with representatives of NGOs: Center for Protection and Research of Birds of Montenegro (CZIP) Mr Aleksandar Perović, Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby Association (MSJA) Mr Zenep Lika, Zeleni korak Dželal Hodžić and Mogul Džemal Perović. They informed the Committee members about the current state of Ulcinj Salina biodiversity and salt production, and pointed out the complexity of the site management issues.

All key issues debated during the visit will be presented and discussed during the upcoming roundtable and consultative hearing dedicated to Chapter 27, to be organised by the Committee in November.

Delegation of the Committee on European Integration which paid today’s visit was composed of Chairperson of the Committee Mr Slaven Radunović and members Ms Marija Ćatović, Ms Daliborka Pejović, Mr Momčilo Martinović and Ms Ljiljana Đurašković.