Chairperson and member of the Committee Mr Vujica Lazović and Mr Petar Smolović will meet with a delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is paying a visit to Montenegro, with the aim of gathering information on the state of the economy, prospects and policies in the framework of the regular consultations under Article IV of the Fund Agreement.


Meetings held with MPs of the Scottish Parliament as well as with representatives of the central body for financial coordination of the Scottish government


The 2016 Performance Report of the Committee and the 2017 Work Plan of the Committee have been adopted

The Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget: Pursuant to Articles 15, 16, and 17 of the Law on Electronic Communications (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 40/13, 56/16, and 2/17), issues

Proposal for Law considered

A meeting of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget with representatives of the Energy Community Secretariat was held


Tomorrow on 25 January 2017, members of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget will meet with delegation of the Energy Community Secretariat, in the following composition: Mr Janez Kopač, Director of the Secretariat, Mr Dirk Buschle, Deputy Director of the Secretariat, and Mr Peter Vajda, Environmental Expert at the Secretariat.

Public invitation for the appointment of one member of the Senate of the State Audit Institution

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