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Monday, 29 June 2020 16:10

Security and Defence Committee holds its 55th Meeting

The Committee considered the current security situation in the Budva Municipality

At today’s meeting, with Minister of Interior Mr Mevludin Nuhodžić and Director of Police Administration Mr Veselin Veljović and associates in attendance, the Security and Defence Committee considered the current security situation with regard to the events in the Budva Municipality. Based on the completed debate, the Committee, with a majority vote, adopted the following conclusions:
1. The Committee calls all actors of these events to sensible conduct, constraint, calming of tensions and providing full contribution to creating conditions for maintaining a stable security situation in Montenegro, public peace and order, as well as security of all citizens, emphasising the significance of dialogue and respect for the institutions of the system.
2. The Committee noted that during the unrest in the Budva Municipality, in various and inappropriate ways, there were attacks on members of the Police Administration, who were performing their duties honourably and conscientiously in accordance with laws and with a high level of tolerance, and in that respect it condemns any form of attack on police officers, and thus on the institutions of the system and the State of Montenegro.
3. In the context of objections with regard to possible exceeding of police powers and excessive or disproportionate use of force during these events, the Committee requires that those responsible, and primarily the Internal Police Affairs as well as other responsible institutions, determine the truthfulness of these allegations and undertake all measures in this respect, with full respect of the position adopted on this occasion by the Council for Civilian Control of Police Operations.
4. The Committee deems it exceptionally important for the State, in these moments as well, to show its strength and decisiveness in safeguarding security and vital interests, and to protect its interest and interests of all citizens of Montenegro through professional capacities and full respect of the constitutionally determined order, rule of law and legality.