Thursday, 23 April 2020 11:31

Security and Defence Committee holds its 53rd Meeting

Two consultative hearings held at the meeting

The Security and Defence Committee has held its 53rd Meeting today, where two consultative hearings of military and diplomatic representatives of Montenegro were conducted before their assuming of the office.

In accordance with the above, the Committee conducted a consultative hearing of Admiral Dragan Samardžić, who was appointed to the post of the Military Representative of Montenegro to NATO and the EU (MILREP), in accordance with the Decision of the Defence and Security Council (MILREP), posted to do his service in Brussels, the Kingdom of Belgium. Following the presentation of key guidelines for the upcoming term of office, based on further strengthening the role of Montenegro as an equal, credible and active participant in peacebuilding and stability in accordance with the mission and programs of the Alliance and the European Union, and the discussion related to this, the Committee supported the planned activities in Admiral Samardžić's work, considering that they would contribute to the further recognition of the Ministry of Defence and the Army of Montenegro, as well as the overall international position of our country.

The Committee also voiced its support for the appointment of Frigate Captain Vučić Bošković to the post of Military-Diplomatic Representative to the Republic of Austria, in Vienna, as well as a military advisor to the Permanent Mission of Montenegro to the United Nations, the OSCE and other international organisations in Vienna on a residential basis and a defence envoy in the Republic of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Hungary on a non-residential basis, pointing to the importance of continuously improving international military cooperation and promoting our country's priorities at bilateral and multilateral levels. In addition to the above, the importance of continued implementation of joint action activities and implementation of programs and initiatives within the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, as well as the United Nations, was particularly emphasised.