Tuesday, 07 April 2020 14:34

Communiqué by Chairperson of the Security and Defence Committee

Gratitude to members of the security sector, support for standard improvement

Considering the overall social context caused by the emergence and spread of the CoVID-19 virus, I believe we can say with certainty that the Government of Montenegro and the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases have made full contribution to the fight against this scourge with timely, decisive and substantive responses and measures, having the results of this activity as the proof in the fight for the health and lives of citizens of Montenegro.

Also, it is important to express our deep gratitude to the health security segment, that is, to all healthcare professionals who, with their unselfish and dedicated efforts, have made an extremely significant contribution to this difficult struggle.

Special approval must also be granted to the officials in the security sector – the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defence, members of the Police Administration, the Armed Forces of Montenegro, who have been making extraordinary efforts to contribute to preserving the health of the citizens of Montenegro and saving their lives. Members of the Police Administration deserve special support who, under special and difficult conditions, have worked professionally, responsibly and dedicatedly in the application of regulations sanctioning violators of the measures in order to prevent the further spread of this terrible disease that has affected the population all over the world.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, in order to protect the highest values of health and life of the citizens of Montenegro, the efforts are appreciated of the security and defence forces, which in these special conditions have made an exceptional contribution to the preservation of the security and property of the citizens of Montenegro, as well as to the effective functioning of the system as a whole, which at the same time performed activities arising from their regular responsibilities.

Bearing in mind the importance of these activities for our society and their dedicated work, it is necessary to devote special attention to improving the standards of all actors involved in this fight, and in the future, as the Chairperson of the Security Committee, I feel free to express full support, with the consent of other members.

Once again, I applaud and commend the efforts of all segments of the system working day and night to minimise the effects of CoVID-19 on the lives and health of citizens. The entire society expresses their admiration and respect for the great dedication at the front lines of the fight against this dangerous disease.

Lastly, I call all citizens of Montenegro for solidarity, mutual respect, sacrifice and social responsibility, so that we can overcome the health problem we have been facing with the least consequences. That is why we must all make an individual contribution and respect the recommendations of the Government of Montenegro and the National Coordination Body, in order to reduce the possibility of further spreading the virus with our activities, and thus endangering our own but also the lives of other citizens.

#Stayathome for your sake, the sake of your loved ones and the society as a whole.