Monday, 30 December 2019 15:30

Security and Defence Committee holds its 51st meeting

Control hearing held

At the 51st meeting of the Security and Defence Committee that was held today, the control hearing was held, being an item of the agenda, of the Director of the National Security Agency, Minister of Interior, Director of the Police Administration, Minister of Defence and the Director General of the Intelligence and Security Directorate at the Ministry of Defence, on the "Specific forms of hybrid warfare against Montenegro in recent years, its actors, as well as the capacity of the responsible state authorities to combat hybrid warfare and the measures and specific actions taken in each of the recorded cases".

In accordance with the above, the Committee was thoroughly informed about the current security situation, factors and trends in the subject area, with a particular focus on the actions of competent institutions and their qualifications in the context of countering hybrid threats.

As part of the second item on the agenda, and regarding developments in connection with the adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion, the Committee noted the responsible and professional conduct of members of the Police Administration and the Ministry of Interior, who expressed a high degree of professionalism and tolerance. The Committee called on all state bodies and institutions to work responsibly, conscientiously and decisively in order to safeguard the interests of Montenegro, peace, security and property of all its citizens, providing full support for their professional and work activities.