Friday, 20 December 2019 14:49

Administrative Committee holds its 81st Meeting

The Committee considered the report of the Special Public Prosecutor 

At its 81st meeting held today, the Administrative Committee of the 26th Parliament of Montenegro has unanimously decided to propose to the Parliament of Montenegro to reach a decision on denying to grant the approval to initiate the criminal proceeding against Nebojša Medojević, member of the Parliament of Montenegro, upon the Request by the Special Public Prosecutor's Office, Kti-S.No.1/19 of 22 October 2019, due to there being reasonable suspicion that the said person committed a criminal offence - Creation of a criminal organisation referred to in Article 401a paragraph 2 with regard to paragraph 1 and 6 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro and criminal offence - Money laundering referred to in Article 268 paragraph 4 with regard to paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro.

Furthermore, the Committee reached a decision on the use of a mobile phone for official purposes.