Tuesday, 26 March 2019 10:19

Delegation of the Administrative Committee ends its working visit to Hungary

The delegation of the Administrative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro, composed of Mr Branko Čavor, Head of the delegation and Mr Milorad Vuletić, member of the delegation, paid an official working visit to Hungary on 25 March 2019

The visit was organised upon the invitation of Mr János Hargitai, Chairman of the Committee on Immunity of the National of the Assembly of Hungary.

In addition to the meeting with Mr Hargitai, the Chairman, Mr Olivio Kocsis-Cake, the Deputy Chairman and Mr Károly Becsó, the member of the Committee on Immunity, the meetings of the delegation were also held with Mr István Jakab, the Vice-President of the National Assembly of Hungary and representatives of the Committee on Justice, led by Mr Imre Vejkey, the Chairman, in the National Assembly of Hungary. Outstanding relations between parliaments of Montenegro and Hungary were highlighted on this occasion.

Hungarian MPs commended the progress made by Montenegro in the EU accession process and experiences were exchanged in the field of related responsibilities of the committee, with regard to immunity rights of MPs and the maintenance of order at plenary sittings, but also with regard to the boycott of the work of the parliament.

Delegation of the Administrative Committee met with Mr Péter Polt as well, the Prosecutor General of Hungary.

During the conversation, special emphasis was placed on the method of election of the Supreme Public Prosecutor, the relation of the prosecutorial authorities and the Parliament, and of finding solutions for providing a two-thirds vote for the election of the Supreme Public Prosecutor. Representatives of the National Assembly and the Hungarian prosecutor's office provided full support to Montenegro in the process of EU accession and agreed new modalities for cooperation in that direction through expert support and Twinning projects.

Meetings were attended also by Mr Aleksandar Moštrokol, the Ambassador of Montenegro to Hungary.