Tuesday, 05 June 2018 14:38

Administrative Committee holds its 40th Meeting

Na danas održanoj sjednici, Odbor je utvrdio Predlog odluke o imenovanju jednog člana Žirija za dodjelu Trinaestojulske nagrade. Odbor je odlučio da predloži Skupštini da imenuje dr Ranka Milovića za člana Žirija.

At today’s meeting, the Committee has determined a Proposal for the decision on appointment of one member of the Jury for presenting the 13th July Award. The Committee decided to appoint Mr Ranko Milović as a member of the Jury.

Also, in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Corruption, the Committee has decided to request the opinion of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption whether there is a conflict of interest or limitations to the performance of public functions in relation to the proposed candidates for a member of the Administrative Board of the Fund for Protection and Exercising of Minority Rights by MP groups in the Parliament of Montenegro, Higher Education Council of Montenegro and Ministry for Human and Minority Rights.