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Saturday, 17 October 2020 10:38

Congratulatory message by Marshal of the Polish Senate

Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland Mr Tomasz Grodzki sent a congratulatory letter to President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Aleksa Bečić on his election at that post.

In his letter, Mr Grodzki emphasised the importance of maintaining contacts at the parliamentary level, appreciating, as he said, good cooperation in international fora, and the allied ties that bound us.

“I am convinced that the exchange of experience between the Parliament of Montenegro and the Senate of the Republic of Poland, which I hope to develop in cooperation with you”, Mr Grodzki said.

In his reply, President Bečić stresses that comprehensive cooperation of good quality, good mutual understanding and friendship characterise relations between Montenegro and the Republic of Poland on all levels.

In addition to all the hardships that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to the world, it also caused a reduction in the parliamentary diplomacy activities.  I am convinced that we have before us a period in which we will renew and strengthen our close contacts and meetings at the parliamentary level.

President Bečić thanked Poland for its proactive role with regard to the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro, shown via continuous political and expert support to our efforts.

“I am convinced that we have before us a period of further strengthening of relations between Montenegro and Poland, and fortifying of friendly ties of our two people”, President Bečić said in his of appreciation.