Friday, 16 October 2020 12:53

Congratulations by presidents of parliaments of Hungary and Ukraine

The President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Aleksa Bečić, received congratulations also from the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, Mr László Kövér, and the Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Mr Dmitro Razumkov.

"Relations between Hungary and Montenegro have always developed in the spirit of mutual trust and friendship. Accordingly, the Hungarian National Assembly is ready to continue and deepen the cooperation with the Parliament of Montenegro," Mr Kövér stated in his message.

Mr Kövér pointed out that Hungary would continue with its strong support to Montenegro’s aspirations to join the European Union, stressing that it should continue with its constructive contribution to the security of the region.

President Bečić stated in his reply to the message of the Speaker of the Hungarian’s National Assembly that bilateral relations between Montenegro and Hungary have been friendly and with no open issues, with frequent and constructive communication at the highest levels, as well as good economic cooperation.

"We owe special gratitude to your country for its continuous and open support in achieving our key foreign policy goals.

I think that we can be satisfied with the intensity of our parliamentary cooperation, and that it can be further improved and realised by using the opportunities provided by the Framework Partnership Agreement between the two parliaments, signed last year, as well as the Agreement on Cooperation of Professional Services," President Bečić pointed out in his reply.

Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Mr Dmitro Razumkov, expressing congratulations and assurances to the President Bečić, stated: "I look forward to extending fruitful interparliamentary dialogue at the bilateral level, as well as within international parliamentary organisations for the prosperous future of our states."

President Bečić stressed that Montenegro and Ukraine cherished traditionally good relations, with no open issues, which have been distinguished by mutual respect, commitment to common interests and strategic foreign and policy goals.

"I believe that in the period ahead, with joint action, we will take advantage of the great potential for the improvement of relations between our two countries in the fields of economy, tourism, education, science, culture and defence," President of the Parliament said.

In his reply President Bečić stated that parliamentary cooperation could provide key stimulus and accelerate the achievement of the set goals, adding that he was convinced that through various forms of cooperation, friendship groups, parliamentary committees and other forms of action, parliaments of Montenegro and Ukraine would soon have direct results of the work for the benefit of the citizens of the two countries.