Saturday, 11 July 2020 09:53

Congratulatory message of President of Parliament Mr Ivan Brajović on Statehood Day 13 July

Citizens of Montenegro,

The 13 July - Statehood Day of Montenegro represents a historic symbol of resistance and freedom and a summary of our victories and success.

This day does not symbolise and does not celebrate only these two dates: the declaration of the state in the Berlin Congress in 1878 and the antifascist uprising of 1941. The 13 July brings together the best legacy of our ancestors and successes of modern Montenegro. And primarily freedom as the most important prerequisite for the development of a modern state.

From those historical dates until today, with the desire, courage, wisdom of its heroes in both war and peace, Montenegro has obtained through struggle the enlightenment instead of dogma, equal rights instead of discrimination, access to health and education for everyone, accelerated economic progress instead of backward economy. We have obtained through struggle modern institutions on the European path. Montenegro has been built, and with its extensive infrastructure, every corner of Montenegro is increasingly accessible for life, investment and development.

Our great common health challenge - the fight against COVID-19, shows that the state and its institutions are taking care of public health, economic stability and each of its citizens in a serious, thorough and responsible manner. I am convinced that those who are well-intentioned recognize in this area as well the expected continuity of consistent and promising state policy.

Dear citizens,

I congratulate you on your successes so far and I wish you to spend the Statehood Day of Montenegro in health and optimism!