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Tuesday, 31 December 2019 08:06

New Year's congratulatory message by President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović

Esteemed citizens,

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro and my own behalf, I wish you a happy New Year 2020, with the desire for it to be even better, happier and more successful. We are facing a year of challenges, but I am certain of even greater possibilities as well.

I am convinced that with the successful realisation of our set plans we will in the best way affect the future of our citizens and the state of Montenegro, the quality of life of each individual and society as a whole. We will work towards the achievement of the goals to strengthen the democratic, institutional, social, cultural capacity of our country - to further implement all its potentials.

By recognising the best European values, we will progress in all fields, to which the Parliament of Montenegro will specially contribute with its important role.

I would like for the next decade to be marked by strengthening of mutual understanding, trust and the building of a partnership between all people of good will. Let us not be divided by differences, but let them enrich us.

Dear citizens,

May you spend a wonderful holiday, being aware of the successes you have achieved and the joyous events laying ahead of you. I wish you a year and a decade full of good news.

Happy New Year!

New Year's congratulatory message by President of the Parliament Mr Ivan Brajović