Saturday, 21 December 2019 08:44

Congratulatory message on the 20th anniversary of the Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts, the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, extended a congratulatory message to the President of this institution, Academician, Mr Sreten Perović:

"On the occasion of 20 years since the founding and activity of the Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts, I extend sincere congratulations and give credit to the vision, dedication and achievements of this scientific and artistic community that Montenegro has been proud of.

The Doclean Academy is an example of loyalty and serving the interests of its state by affirming its sovereign and identity foundations, valuable historical acts, as well as the contemporary production of a multinational Montenegro. Important scientific and cultural role of DANU is even more stressed in periods of aggressive pathological lying, attempts to falsify history and manipulate with the spiritual and material heritage of our country.

The diplomatic mission of the Doclean Academy is also of particular importance, which, by cooperating with the academies of many friendly countries, has been promoting the best values of Montenegro.

It is realistic to expect that the state of Montenegro will provide significant support to the operation of an institution the achievements of which remain an indisputable intellectual landmark for future generations.

With all due remembrance of the contributions of the Doclean Academy members who are no longer with us, I wish you have many more successful decades ahead of you."