Wednesday, 18 December 2019 11:38

Congratulatory message on Day of the Capital City of Podgorica

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović congratulated the citizens and the local leadership of the Capital City of Podgorica, marked on 19 December:

“The 19th December is the Day of Podgorica, the day of its famous anti-fascist heritage and it is our obligation to pay tribute, with the greatest respect and gratitude, to deceased national heroes and all fighters who died for freedom.

History of Podgorica, especially of the 20th century, symbolizes the resistance, strength and ambition of the entire Montenegro. Demolished on multiple occasions, re-built and modernized after that, at all times it kept its specific spirit, always beloved by the original citizens of Podgorica and by newcomers of different faiths and nations.  

Today, Podgorica is the administrative centre and economic leader of Montenegro's development, the capital open to new people, ideas and knowledge. It is the duty of all its citizens, local government and national institutions to preservation of resources and support the further economic and cultural development of Podgorica - a city increasingly attractive to its residents, tourists and business partners.

I wish a happy Day of the Capital City, convinced that the enthusiasm of the management and employees of the local government institutions will result in a more developed European Podgorica.“