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László Kövér: Montenegro’s membership of the EU is only a matter of good intentions, 2025 way too distant deadline

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović is paying an official visit to Hungary, upon the invitation by Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly Mr László Kövér.

Presidents Brajović and Kövér signed the Framework Partnership Agreement, which will enable more intensive and effective cooperation of the two parliaments.  The Agreement, inter alia, envisages more concrete support of the Hungarian Parliament to the Montenegrin, with the aim of strengthening administrative and other capacities in the European integration process

Based on the Framework Agreement, secretaries general of the two parliaments signed the Cooperation Agreement of Parliamentary Services, which envisages the exchange of experiences with the aim of additional improvement of transparency, strengthening of parliamentary control, preparation for the establishment of e-parliament and support to research activities.

- Strengthening of our parliamentary cooperation is very important for Mr Kövér and me, and we have provided the crucial base for its continuation by signing these two agreements today.  I am grateful that Hungary acts as a true friend of Montenegro.  I absolutely believe in great future, European future, of both Montenegro and Hungary - President Brajović said among other things.

- Montenegro is Hungarian prominent partner in the Western Balkans region, and I would like to emphasise that we are the second EU member state regarding investments in Montenegro.  Our trade relations are also developing and I can say that they are on the rise, so we hope that we will be able to contribute to economic development of Montenegro in the future as well, first of all when it comes to its infrastructural development.  We pay our respect to Montenegro’s results with regard to its NATO membership, and results that the country has made regarding the European integration.  On this path Hungary strives to help Montenegro both in political sense and with regard to diplomatic cooperation by sharing its experiences concerning European road, and we think that Montenegro’s admittance to the EU remains only a matter of good intentions. We think that 2025, as a year set for Montenegro’s membership, is way too distant deadline. We are looking at the European elections, to be held in two weeks, with high expectations and we hope that the EU will experience changes which would accelerate the enlargement process, and revive the process itself, resulting in the most recent full membership of Montenegro in the EU. These two cooperation agreements that we have previously signed witness to this, and will make our efforts to achieve cooperation not only at the level of heads of parliaments but also at the level of our committees and staff - Speaker Kövér said.

During the visit, the President of the Parliament of Montenegro also spoke with President of Hungary Mr János Áder, informing him about current political developments in Montenegro, its progress regarding European integration process and the country’s expectations.

With gratitude for Hungary’s strong support to Montenegro’s membership of NATO and its European future, President Brajović assessed that the two friendly countries were devoted to further development of partner cooperation in the field of economy, with significant potentials for further improvement of interstate ties in this area.

Praising the progress that Montenegro has made in all fields, President Áder stressed that Hungarian attitude towards Montenegrin accession process to the European Union remains unchanged. Montenegro can always count on all necessary help and support.  Stability of the Western Balkans is needed for the EU stability, that’s why it is necessary to have clear enlargement strategy for the WB states.

President Brajović also met Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly Mr István Jakab and Chair of Hungary-Montenegro parliamentary friendship group Mr Ádám Steinmetz. 

In the continuation of the visit, President Brajović will meet Deputy Speaker for Legislation Mr Csaba Hende, Chair of the Committee on European Affairs Mr Richárd Hörcsik and representatives of nine non-resident embassies covering Montenegro from Budapest.

Press statements by President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović and Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly Mr László Kövér

Press statement by President Ivan Brajović



Press statement by László Kövér



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