Tuesday, 03 January 2017 13:14

President of the Parliament Mr Ivan Brajović congratulates Day of the Old Royal Capital

On the occasion of founding the Old Royal Capital Cetinje, President of the Parliament Mr Ivan Brajović has sent a congratulatory message to the citizens, President of the Municipality and President of the Local Assembly of Cetinje.


“I would like to congratulate to the citizens of Cetinje as well as its leadership the 535 years since, on 4 January 1482, this old royal capital was founded. Many years and many reasons to be proud. Status of the Old Royal Capital Cetinje is primarily based on tradition, spirituality and historical memory. I believe that Cetinje will have material and economic upgrading proportional to its cultural level. I wish you to celebrate decently this festive day in the honour of all distinguished citizens of Cetinje”, says the congratulatory message of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro.