Friday, 30 December 2016 16:51

New Year congratulatory message by President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović to the citizens of Montenegro

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović congratulated the upcoming New Year to the citizens of Montenegro:


“Dear citizens of Montenegro,

We are entering New Year aware of the requirements that you have set in front of us in the October elections. Our common goal is a modern, developed and economically strong Montenegro. Our goal is to significantly improve the quality of life Montenegro.

All of us, elected representatives, have a special responsibility to respect your election will in the Parliament and represent your views. It is our wish and our intention for the Parliament of Montenegro to be in New Year an example of compromise, constructive dialogue and promoter of interests of all citizens.

In a short period after renewing the statehood, Montenegro has achieved exceptional diplomatic results and with each day, it is becoming a more respected member of the international community. It is a true pleasure to represent your own country and listen all over the world compliments on the clear orientation of Montenegro towards the values of developed democracy. Today, Montenegro has no open issues with other countries of the world, it truly nourishes good neighbourly relations and fosters regional stability. For our small country, in terms of size and population, with history full of warfare, this is great achievement.

Dynamic integration processes will finally allow Montenegro’s equal voice of be heard among bigger and more developed states. That is a way to enable stable and rich life in Montenegro to the current and future generations.

We have in front of us the year of changes for the better.

Esteemed citizens of Montenegro, in our country and abroad, I wish you happy holidays, and happy 2017 New Year”, says the congratulatory message of the President of the Montenegrin Parliament.