Wednesday, 12 September 2018 16:35

President of the Parliament of Montenegro convenes the Collegium of the President of the Parliament to discuss electoral law improvement

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović has scheduled for Monday, 17 September, a meeting of the Collegium of the President of the Parliament, which will explore the best model and manner of work of parliamentarians with the aim of providing preconditions for the continuation of the electoral law improvement. Recommendations from the ODIHR report issued following the presidential election will serve as the basic guidelines for achieving this aim as well as consideration of proposals by political actors and relevant NGOs. 

The Collegium of the President, where vice presidents of the Parliament and heads of MP groups attend, will discuss the form of the dialogue, with respect and strengthening of the institutional framework.

President of the Parliament expects that continuity of the improvement of legal solutions between the two election cycles will be maintained in the following period, as it was the case with the results of the working group ahead of the presidential and local elections held in spring. President Brajović, motivated by high ethical standards in conducting parliamentary dialogue, also expects the achievement of consensus, with the aim of further strengthening of democracy and creation of better election environment acceptable to everybody.