Tuesday, 19 December 2017 13:24

President of the Parliament talks with the European Parliament's Rapporteur for Montenegro Mr Charles Tannock

  • The promotion of Montenegro as the next member of the European Union (EU) is also important for other candidate countries because it shows that striving for European values and achievements is valued in a proper manner - President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ivan Brajović said during the meeting with the European Parliament's (EP) Rapporteur for Montenegro Mr Charles Tannock.

Regardless of the Brexit that he opposed, as an MP from the UK, Rapporteur Tannock said that his country wanted to be present in the Western Balkans and strengthen the partnership with Montenegro both within NATO and in the bilateral sphere. 

Expressing regret about the inconvenience that Mr Tannock had been exposed to during yesterday's SACP meeting, President Brajović stressed that he appreciated his efforts so far to present an objective and balanced picture of Montenegro in his reports.

Mr Tannock reminded that Report by the European Parliament echoed no political or party position, and that it was adopted at the EP plenum, after going through rigorous procedure.

During the talk, they commented on the freedom of expression and freedom of media, Montenegro’s successful membership of NATO, and visible progress achieved by our country in many fields.      

Meeting Mr Brajović - Mr Tannock