Tuesday, 31 October 2017 14:35

Lecture to students of the Faculty of Legal Sciences on the occasion of the Parliamentarism Day

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, held a lecture today to students of bachelor and specialist studies at the University of Donja Gorica, on the occasion of Parliamentarism Day that is marked on 31 October. On that occasion, President Brajović stated that parliamentarism that had lasted more than a century, showed that Montenegro have had continuity in exchanging opinions and conducting dialogue, regardless of its form, which changed over time and adapted to the surrounding conditions.

"Since the restoration of statehood in 2006, we have continued writing a new page of parliamentarism, and from eleven years' point of view, with all the success we have achieved, we can be sure that the decision to take care of our own destiny and to be responsible for our progress was right", President Brajović emphasised.

He advised students not to be mere observers, but to create their own present and future, and to perceive themselves, the others and the world around them through honest and open dialogue, but also to accept constructive criticism in order to turn their own shortcomings into the benefits.

The President emphasised that Montenegro had managed to preserve multiethnic, multi-religious and multicultural harmony and told students that this fact was something not to be implied, but something that needed to be nurtured.

Member of the Parliament, Mr Miloš Nikolić, who also spoke to students, pointed out that the tradition of parliamentarism in Montenegro that has existed for more than one century, should be clear indication that the Montenegrin parliament was an ideal paradigm for the social future of Montenegro, which we all needed to strive for. He stated that the Constitution, celebrating a decade of existence these days, represented a solid foundation for the further development of Montenegro and had been a guarantee that the arbitraryness of any individual or group could not be more important than the law.

Meting with students was organised upon the invitation of the Dean of the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the University of Donja Gorica, Mr Zoran Stojanović, with additional participation of Mr Nikola Zecević, from the Humanistic Studies and Mr Boris Bastijančić, from the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the UDG.

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