Tuesday, 07 July 2020 18:54

Meeting of Vice President Gvozdenović with representatives of ODIHR Needs Assessment Mission for parliamentary elections

The Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Branimir Gvozdenović met yesterday with experts of the ODIHR Needs Assessment Mission for parliamentary elections in Montenegro Mr Vladimir Misev, Senior Advisor on New Voting Technologies, and Mr Oleksii Lychkovakh, Election Adviser, who, in line with their mandate and upon the invitation by Montenegrin authorities, organised a series of meetings with representatives of Montenegrin institutions and the civil sector. 

At the very beginning of the meeting, Vice President Gvozdenović voiced his gratitude for the cooperation and support provided to Montenegro so far within the work of the Committee on Comprehensive Reform of Electoral Legislation, which he chaired. He also voiced his satisfaction with the fact that ODIHR observation missions in previous reports assessed the elections in Montenegro as elections organised in a peaceful and democratic spirit and in line with the reformed legislative framework, with the use of new information technologies for voter identification.

Furthermore, referring to the current situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic, Vice President Gvozdenović assured the experts that the situation was being monitored daily and that further activities were planned accordingly, as well as that the election day in Montenegro would be organised paying a great deal of attention and modelled after the developed countries which had organised their elections in this period, and complying with all the recommendations of the NCB. 

Mr Misev thanked for the good cooperation in the previous period and informed the Vice President that, after holding meetings with all relevant entities in the country, he would also submit the final report on the needs assessment.