Wednesday, 15 May 2019 18:22

Meeting of Vice President Nimanbegu with political representatives in Plav and Gusinje

Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Genci Nimanbegu, with his associates, held a working meeting yesterday on 14 May, with representatives of all political subjects in municipalities of Plav and Gusinje, as well as with members of the Albanian National Council from these municipalities. The meeting was organised upon the invitation by the host.

They informed the Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro with their problems and dissatisfaction in exercising basic rights. They also expressed concern with regard to representation of Albanians in the local and state bodies in those municipalities, particularly emphasising the issue of employment of Albanians - both in the state and local bodies and institutions.  On this occasion, it was said that this affects the emigration of young Albanians who do not see any prospects in improving the situation.

Local representatives of Albanians from Plav and Gusinje said that they informed top Montenegrin officials about these problems, including the Prime Minister, but without visible results.  According to them, the problem concerning the authentic representation and employment of Albanians results from poor implementation of the existing laws.

One of the topics related to the recent events with the Serbian Orthodox Church, in the village of Martinovići, regarding the announced construction of a religious object in the place without a single Orthodox believer.

The meeting is assessed as a useful means of dialogue by representatives of all Abanian political subjects in Plav and Gusinje.

Vice President Nimanbegu assessed that underrepresentation of Albanians resulted from their many-years long underemployment in Plav and Gusinje, therefore the obligation of all state bodies is to comply with and implement Constitutional provisions concerning the representation of minorities.

Participants of the meeting agreed about joint activities aimed at improving the position of this community.