Predrag Sekulić

Date and Place of Birth:  28 May 1964, Podgorica 

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- He finished primary and secondary school in Podgorica; He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Podgorica, obtained master degree at the Faculty of Economics also in Podgorica (Public Finance, topic - “Financing Public Service”). He finished his PhD thesis in Belgrade (Industrial Management) on the topic “Basic Principles of Modern Budgetary Financing”.

Work experience:

- Since 2002, elected Member of the Parliament of Montenegro during five convocations;

- In the period 2003-2006, Chairperson of the Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration;

 - In the period 2006-2007, Minister of Culture, Sports and Media in the Government of Montenegro:

- In the period 2008-2010, Chairperson of the Commission for Monitoring and Control of the Privatisation Procedure;

- From 2008-2010, Head of MP Group of the Democratic Party of Socialist;

- From 2010-2012, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism in the Government of Montenegro;

- From 2012-2016, Chairperson of the Committee on Tourism, Agriculture, Ecology and Spatial Planning;  

- Lecturer at the Faculty for Mediterranean Business Studies in Tivat and Maritime Faculty in Bar.

He is a member of the Main Board of the DPS. He was a political director of the DPS (2007-2010) and spokesperson of the DPS (2003-2006). He was a member of the leadership of the Party of European Socialists (PES) in the period 2008-2009, and Vice President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in 2014.

He wrote five novels (Lap Top, Made in Yugoslavia, Francuski poljubac, Harem and Parenje labudova), and he also paints.