Monday, 02 April 2018 11:30

A group of MAPSS students visits the Parliament of Montenegro

A group of MAPSS students today visited the Parliament of Montenegro.

After the usual tour of the Montenegrin Parliament building, the students met Chairperson of the Constitutional Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Miodrag Vuković and Deputy Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Marija Mirjačić.  

MP Vuković briefed students about the structure, competencies and way of functioning of the Montenegrin Parliament, while Deputy Secretary General Mirjačić spoke about the concept of a modern parliament and the organisation of the expert service of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Students were also informed about history of the Parliament of Montenegro, as well as the way of media reporting on the meetings of the working bodies and plenums.

Montenegrin Association of Political Science Students (MAPSS) has been conducting for five years in a row an activity of simulation of parliamentary practice, and visit to the Parliament of Montenegro is part of this project aimed at developing a culture of dialogue, debate and critical thinking among young people and providing insight into the functioning of legislative procedures.        

The visit is a part of the Open Parliament project, implemented by the Parliament of Montenegro, in order to provide an insight to interested citizens into the manner of functioning and operating of the Montenegrin Parliament, is a contribution to education of youth.