Thursday, 26 July 2018 13:36

President of the Parliament congratulates Municipality Day of Plav

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, extended a congratulatory message on the occasion of 27 July, Municipality Day of Plav, to its citizens and local government:

"The multiethnic, multiconfessional and multicultural coexistence of the citizens of Plav today, but also in difficult times, has been like a first reader of diversity that generations in Montenegro and beyond studied from, because the hard life and the demand for existence has taken a large number of the citizens of Plav away from their homes.

Today, when Montenegro gathers the impetus of democratic and economic development, first of all by joining NATO and coming to the front doors of the European Union, the town located at the foot of the Prokletije Mountain will be one of the most important elements in the economic development mosaic, primarily of the north and even Montenegro, in a tourist, agricultural and economic sense.

The return of people and capital to the great-grandfather's hearths, the recognition and implementation of ideas is of crucial importance for the progress of Plav, with the support of line ministries, but also by putting the local infrastructure in operation for prosperity - Plav and its citizes deserve to make a better life and existence day in and day out.

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro and my own behalf, I congratulate to you the Municipality Day of Plav – 27 July."