Wednesday, 01 November 2017 20:02

Friendship Group holds a meeting with Senate of the Italian Republic

Friendship Group of the Parliament of Montenegro with the Italian Republic met today with the delegation of the Senate of the Italian Republic, composed of the Deputy Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs and Emigration Committee, Senator Paolo Corsini, and the member of the Committee, Senator Vito Rosario Petrochelli that is paying an official visit to Montenegro in the period 1-3 November 2017.

Head of the Friendship Group and Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Genci Nimanbegu, pointed on this occasion to traditional ties between the two countries, and the special nature of the relations of the countries that have been connected with the sea.

He also stressed that Montenegro, as a young country, was very interested in joining the standards, society and values that developed countries of the European Union had. Mr Nimanbegu emphasised the importance of constructing the Adriatic-Ionian Motorway, calling on the colleagues from Italy to support its construction by lobbying and help Montenegro and regional integration, despite the fact that this project might not currently be on the list of priorities of the European Union.

Expressing pleasure with meeting with the Friendship Group, Senator Corsini congratulated the interlocutors on the successful completion of the NATO accession process of Montenegro. Welcoming the European path of our country, Mr Corsini said that Montenegro needed European Union, but at the same time believed that the Union needed new, young democracy personified in Montenegro, which would provide new energy to the Union and contribute to balancing of forces within the European family of peoples.

Senator Petrochelli, stressing the ties of the two countries, said that the position of Italian citizens in Montenegro and Montenegrin citizens in Italy should be high on the list of priorities of inter-parliamentary friendship groups.

The interlocutors agreed that the two countries had much in common, and that good and friendly relations should be maintained and improved in a number of areas, which should be significantly contributed by the inter-parliamentary friendship groups between Montenegro and Italy.

Besides the guests and the Vice President Nimanbegu, the meeting was attended by members of the Friendship Group of the Parliament of Montenegro with the Italian Republic: Mr Andrija Nikolić, Ms Marija Maja Ćatović, Mr Mirsad Murić and Mr Petar Smolović, as well as the Ambassador of the Italian Republic to Montenegro, H.E. Mr Vincenzo Del Monaco.