110th and 111st Meeting of the Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration

Venue: Red Room


(110th meeting)

  1. Amendments (57) to the Proposal for the Law on National Public Broadcaster of Radio and Television of Montenegro, submitted by:

- Government of Montenegro(17);

- MPs:
- Mr Ranko Krivokapić, Mr Raško Konjević, Ms Draginja Vuksanović-Stanković and Mr Džavid Šabović (30);
- Mr Neđeljko Rudović (8);
- Mr Ervin Ibrahimović (2).

  1. Amendments (52) to the Proposal for the Law on Media, submitted by MPs:

- Government of Montenegro(10);

- MPs:
- Mr Neđeljko Rudović (13);
- Ms Danijela Pavićević and Mr Srđan Milić (22);
- Mr Raško Konjević (5),
- Mr Ranko Krivokapić (2).

The agenda of the meeting will be supplemented with any amendments received.

* * *


(111th meeting)

  1. Proposal for the conclusions of the Committee regarding the 2019 Annual Performance Report of the Judicial Council and the overall status of the judiciary;
  2. Proposal for assessments and positions regarding the consultative hearing (debate) on the topic: “Challenges in the fields of judiciary reform and public administration and further building of track record”.
  3. Determining the Proposal for a Decision on the election of four members of the Judicial Council from among respectable lawyers.

Event Properties

Event Date 27.07.2020. 14:00h
Event End Date 27.07.2020. 16:00h