Sunday, 17 December 2017 12:23

MP Novović takes part in the meeting of the SEECP PA Standing Committee

Member of the standing delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro and Chair of the General Committee on Social Development, Education, Research and Science of the Parliamentary Assembly of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP PA) Mr Radule Novović took part in the meeting of the Standing Committee in Ljubljana.

The first meeting under Slovenia's chairmanship-in-office of this initiative was dedicated to presenting the priorities of the SEECP chairmanship organised under the motto "SEE4Future – South Eastern Europe for Future", the activities of the three SEECP PA general committees, and the prospects for further development of this regional cooperation framework.

The meeting was opened by President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia and Head of Slovenian delegation to the SEECP PA Mr Milan Brglez, who pointed out that the Republic of Slovenia attached great importance to the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly because it represented the best platform for coping with demanding challenges in the region of Southeast Europe, many of which were common.

Mr Brglez also said that the Slovenian chairmanship-in-office set priorities as follows: the enlargement of the EU - which is at the same time the Slovenian foreign policy objective, the strengthening of security, the provision of opportunities for youth and digitization.

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia also referred to the perspectives of further development of the SEECP PA, emphasising the desire for finding promptly a common and best solution for drawing up the budget and determining the seat of the SEECP PA Secretariat, in line with the spirit of this organisation and its motto - cooperation, networking and mutual understanding.

At the meeting chaired by the Deputy Head of the Slovenian delegation to the PS SEECP Mr Branko Zorman, possible amendments to the Rules of Procedure of this Parliamentary Assembly were discussed, aimed at adopting, after almost four years of deadlock, the decision on the seat and budget of the SEECP PA Secretariat. In relation to this, it was agreed that until the next meeting of the Standing Committee planned for March of next year, proposals for amendments to the rules of procedure would be submitted, as well as positions of delegations in that regard, in order to make a possible agreement on the wording of amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the PS SEECP.

Aside from MP Novović and the host, the meeting in Ljubaljna was attended by parliamentarians from:  Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey and Macedonia.