Monday, 21 November 2016 16:24

Mr Paolo Ali elected President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

On the fourth and last day of the Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (21 November 2016), the Plenary Session was held, during which the participants were addressed by: President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Mr Michael R. Turner, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey İsmail Kahraman, President of the Republic of Turkey Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, OSCE PA President Mr Christine Muttonen and NATO Secretary General and Chairman of the North Atlantic Council Mr Jens Stoltenberg.


In the context of presentation of the NATO open door policy and admission of new member states in the full-fledged membership of the North Atlantic Alliance, NATO Secretary General and Chairman of the North-Atlantic Council Mr Jens Stoltenberg called for and urged the NATO member states which so far had not ratified the Accession Protocol for Montenegro to do so as soon as possible in order for Montenegro to become a full-fledged member by the following Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

This was followed by the presentation of Treasurer Mr Marc Angel anf vote on the 2017 Draft budget, and the participants were also addresses by Mr John Jacobs, President of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association.

In the continuation of the Plenary Session, Mr Paolo Ali was elected President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, succeeding in office US Congressman Michael R. Turner, while the following were elected vice presidents: Mr Tchetin Kazak from Bulgaria, Mr Joseph A. Day from Canada, Ms Rasa Jukneviciene from Lithuania, Mr Sverre Myrli from Norway and Mr Metin Lutfi Baydar from Turkey.

After this, the delegates voted on resolutions of the committees.

The 62nd Annual Session of the NATO PA brought together members of national parliaments from form American and the European Allies as well as partner countries, observers and other relevant representatives, in order to discuss current security issues of international character.

Standing Delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro taking part in the 62 Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly was composed of Mr Obrad Stanišić and Mr Ranko Krivokapić.

Meeting of the delegation with representatives of the Montenegrin emigrants

Standing Delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro to the NATO PA today met representatives of the Montenegrin emigrants who live in the Republic of Turkey, in the presence of Montenegro’s Ambassador to Turkey Mr Branko Milić and Honorary Consul of Montenegro in Istanbul Mehmet Akan Suver.

Both sides expressed pleasure over the meeting, particularly having in mind the number of the Montenegrin emigrants in Turkey and importance of strengthening their ties with the country of origin.

On this occasion, Head of Delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić stressed the importance of cooperation with the diaspora, stressing that it represented one of the foreign policy priorities of Montenegrin diplomacy.

During the meeting, they jointly agreed that meetings of this kind represented an ideal opportunity for mutual information sharing and finding of joint and best solutions for issues important to both sides. They also said that further attention in the coming period should be devoted to the continuation of cooperation in this field, for the purpose of implementing different ideas. They particularly stressed the importance of strengthening communication and raising the level of awareness of all interested actors for business activities in Montenegro and expansion of opportunities for potential investment.

Participants of the meeting noted that the meeting was very important for both sides because it provided the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the areas of interest for both sides, which represented an additional impulse for strengthening cooperation with the diaspora and lasting relationships of immigrants with their country of origin - Montenegro.