Monday, 11 December 2017 07:30

Annual Transatlantic Forum of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

The 17th Annual Transatlantic Forum of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly will be carried out in cooperation of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly with the Atlantic Council of the United States, the Institute for National Strategic Studies of the National Defense University, in the period 11-13 December 2017, in Fort McNair, Washington, DC, USA.

On this occasion, the Parliament of Montenegro will be represented by Deputy Head of the Permanent Delegation at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić, and the event with gather parliamentarians - members of permanent delegations from the NATO member states, as well as associate members from Austria, Finland, and Sweden.

This event is, most importantly, aimed at providing an opportunity for a transatlantic dialogue on a wide spectrum of key issues shaping the transatlantic partnership, with special focus on informing the participants and developing a dialogue on current topics, such as: the Transatlantic Agenda and the Brussels Summit: Washington perspective; Challenges in the Middle East; US Defence and Deterrence Strategy; Redefining US Relations with China; Russia: A Foreign Policy and Domestic Challenge to the Alliance; The Administration’s Trade Agenda; The Administration’s Environmental and Global Governance Agenda; American Politics: The Lessons of 2017 and the 2018 Agenda; The US Looks to NATO’s Core Challenges: Burdensharing, Counter-Terrorism, Deterrence and Reasurrance.

Because maintaining and strengthening the transatlantic relations, which contribute to the strengthening of the Alliance, represent one of priorities of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, amidst growing concern based on differences in transatlantic attitudes, perceptions and policies, upon the initiative of the Standing Committee, in 2001 the NATO Parliamentary Assembly launched the “Parliamentary Transatlantic Forum”.

The event is held with the goal of identifying a precise nature of the divergence in transatlantic thinking and finding ways to overcoming them, and it involves discussion of the delegates with senior American officials and academic experts.

The Parliamentary Transatlantic Forum is held annually in Washington, DC, in cooperation with the National Defense University and the Atlantic Council of the United States of America.